If you have been to Las Vegas, you don’t need anyone to tell you about the wonderful free cocktails given to you on the casino floor. This tradition of free drinks goes way back as a measure to entice more spending clienteles. If you play, you get a free cocktail. Moreover, losing money is not that hard when you are getting a free cocktail to go with it.

Not that we are laying claims to anything, but a little cheerfulness never goes amiss. A free drink can make anyone smile!


Las Vegas is About Betting, Betting is About Letting things Go

This tradition of free drink is in danger of being thrown out through the spinning doors! Big casinos in Las Vegas have looked at their margins of profit and decided that their billions are not enough – they are going to take away the free drinks to save costs. Actually, you are qualified to get a free drink only if you spend enough money that can cover your drink. Oh wow. It’s crazy, right?

As a step in the direction of tracking, casinos want to monitor spending behaviors of players to regulate who can get a free drink and who shouldn’t. This practice is presently being tried on slot machines however with the introduction of better technology, it will soon spread to the poker tables and the blackjack.


What is the Drink Policy and Why We Do Not Like It

Caesars Entertainment got some lights installed on their slot machines which will flash green as soon as players spin and spend an adequate amount of money. This is an indicator that they are to get a free cocktail. MGM Resorts in its wisdom has decided to print out a free cocktail coupon at their slot machines. Nonetheless, this coupon gets printed once the player puts his money into the slot machines, as explained in this article.

For high rollers, this doesn’t make any sense. The free drinks are not even on their mind, as opposed to the people deliberating on the price of whiskey. To get a free scotch on the rocks has no impact when they are disbursing high amounts on the casino floor. The high rollers enjoy benefits such as free tickets to amazing shows in Vegas and free suites. Why would they think twice about a free drink? Regular people are the ones saving up to travel and enjoy a holiday in Las Vegas. These folks now have to spend enough money to qualify to get a free drink. The high rollers are being exempted while given exceptional treatment.


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Never say the common man is not a clever man! The apparent solution to this issue is to bring your own booze. Yes, we know it is not permitted, just don’t get caught! Before checking in to your guesthouse, stop at an indigenous whiskey store and pick your preferred liquor. Go to your room, mix your liquor in the luxury of your room. The next thing to do now is to transfer to your hip flask!

If you are a courageous man, you can even carry two hip flasks. But if you want to be a true gentleman, you should buy a stylish hip flask for your lady, and the best way to do that is by checking Best, Cool & Most Stylish Flasks for Women by Flaskaholic and selecting a girly hip flask for your woman. There are a lot of flasks there to pick from.

Liquid courage has never ever failed anyone. Just sneak your hip flask onto the casino floor and be unnoticeable while taking a mouthful. You need to do a fair bit of disguising to access your drink.

We recommend going to the restroom, casino lobby or stepping out to the sidewalk for a swift gulp. It is better than wasting money at the casino tables just for a free drink. Make sure you do not get caught, else, you are going to be ushered off the floor. There is no reason not to have fun when you are in Vegas. Hip Flasks have now become the new style in Vegas for resourceful people like us.