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Everybody knows that weddings can be extremely expensive, and those made in Caracas are no exception. As men, we don’t really care about all those details, but my wife is an absolute angel, so I wanted our wedding day to be exactly as she wanted it. We all know that most women want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, so I had to make sure I’d do exactly that. If she wanted something, I would say yes even before I checked the price tag. I accumulated a bit of debt like that, but I figured that if I lay off the casino and the tragamonedas for a while, I wouldn’t have too many problems paying for everything.

As you will soon find out, it was the slot machines that actually saved me on that day. The wedding went on as many weddings do. We had a beautiful ceremony at a church in Caracas, where quite a few of her female friends and relatives cried. I sincerely hope they were crying because of all the emotions, not because they felt sorry for her. Anyway, after the ceremony, we went to the Plaza de Altamira so we would do a set of pictures. It is one of the most beautiful places in all of Caracas, so that was a definite must.

Internet Slot Machine Gambling. After that, we started to party like it was the last day on Earth. Everybody was having a great time, but I kept thinking about that debt and couldn’t be fully happy. Just when the party was getting louder, my best man stole my bride.

play slots for fun.We have a habit here in Caracas, Venezuela that the best man has to steal the bride and demand a ransom from the groom to bring her back. I tracked that bastard down and he asked for a case of fine whiskey to give me my young bride back. I agreed to his terms and he told me to come to the casino where he had taken her.

When I got there, I found my sweet love playing the tragaperras like there was no tomorrow. She was having so much fun at the slots that I decided to join in. We were playing, laughing and having such a great time that we actually forgot about the wedding party. The phone soon started to ring and we decided to stay just 10 more minutes. Just as we were getting ready to leave, I hit a massive jackpot. And I do mean massive enough to pay for our entire wedding, honey moon and a new car. So it turns out that weddings can sometimes be unforgettable for guys too. At least when a Caracas casino is paying for them, they are.