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I met a girl in Madrid about eleven months ago. We started dating and we fell in love before we could even realize what was happening. As every other couple, we had quarrels. She didn’t really enjoy my passion for tragamonedas, and I didn’t really like her family. At first, these weren’t real problems, but they grew in significance as the relationship became more serious. But we started to talk and it turned out that her hatred for the casino and gambling came because of her closed minded family. Her mother is a mean old witch and she basically hates everything that could be fun.

I convinced my girl to come with me to the casino, so she could see for herself that it wasn’t the devil’s work. She had so much fun on that night that we lost track of time and it was soon almost morning. When she realized that, she started to cry, as she knew her mother would make a huge scandal out of it.

Slots Pros and Cons. The next day, I got a phone call from my girlfriend, telling me that her mother had locked her up in her room. I knew this kind of treatment was extremely unfair, as she has always been a nice girl who did nothing but make her parents proud.

She tried to explain that I only play the slot machines responsibly. She told her that going to the casino is no different from going to the bar or paying to see a football game. All of these are activities meant to let you have fun. But her mother would have none of it and forbade her to see me again. At that time I was working at a food stand near the Las Ventas bullfighting ring in Madrid and my salary was far too low to allow me to get her out of that house.

I decided to do something crazy. I got my entire salary in advance, went to the casino and began playing the slots. I knew I had almost no chance, but I had no other hope. I needed to earn money somehow. At the fifth pull of the lever, I managed to win the big jackpot. I don’t know if it was luck, the gods or whatever, but I managed to win enough money to afford rent and food for a year and start my own business. On that very night, I went to my girl’s house, broke the door down and got her out. A crazy act of playing the slot machines helped change my life. That is how I managed to marry the girl of my dreams and become my own boss.