the city of Malaga

For me, the city of Malaga has always been synonymous with fun. I live in Madrid, but every year, I travel south to unwind and have fun at least a couple of times a year. That city on the southern edge of Spain has always had everything I needed to have fun. When I was younger and single, I would go there to find some of the best beaches and the best clubs and casinos in the country. Now, when I am older and life has blessed me with a wife and a child, I still love going to the beaches and playing the tragamonedas once in a while. But now I feel more inclined to visit some of the city’s amazing museums and historic sites.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I took my wife and son to see the Alcazaba fortifications. Me and the wife were planning to spend our evening at a local casino, have fun and even try to win the big tragaperras jackpot that was available. But to get some peace and quiet, we had to spend the entire day making sure that our son would get tired enough to fall asleep quickly. He had an amazing time visiting the thousand years old fortifications as he dashed around, showing us this and that.

The plan worked and he fell asleep by 8 pm. By 11 pm he was still sleeping like a rock, so we left him in the hotel room and went to the adjacent casino, which was just 5 minutes away. Me and the wife had an absolutely amazing time as we kept trying to earn money at the slot machines. She’s usually the luckiest of us, but that night I was the one who managed to go home with more money than I initially came with. We spent a couple of hours just playing, getting complementary drinks and having a lovely time. - casino building lighs


When we went back to the hotel room, our son was awoken by the sound of the door and we spent some time talking him back to sleep. He kept talking about what an amazing time he had and how he couldn’t wait for morning so we would go back to the beach and then visit some more cool places. To me, that’s what Malaga is all about. The city can entertain anyone from age 6 to age 60, with no problem at all. I am now closer to 40 years old than I am to 30 and I have been coming here every year since I was 7. If nothing catastrophic happens, I’m sure I’ll continue to come for as long as my health will permit me, as I can think of no better location to spend my vacation.