gamble in the city

The local football team in Dortmund has always been an inspiration to me. I have supported them throughout my life and they gave me joy when there was no joy to be found. A few years ago, the team was almost destroyed by financial problems. During the same timeframe, I was battling a severe gambling addiction that has almost destroyed my life. But just when it seemed like the football club would close its gates, they managed to turn it around. They needed help and they weren’t ashamed to accept it, even when it came from their most fierce rivals. In just a few short years, and after paying back the help, they have managed to become one of the strongest teams in the world.

It was this success story that inspired me to overcome my addiction and go on with my life. I used to have a fierce hatred for therapists, but I decided that if the team can accept help from those they have battled for so many decades, I could give it a try as well. Lucky for me, the city of Dortmund has enough good doctors, and I finally managed to find one who could help me. He taught me that as long as I use a system to restrain myself, I didn’t even have to quit the casino altogether. Casino Slot Machines Struggle.

I was really astounded to find that out, as I thought you shouldn’t even get near a casino if you have a gambling problem. After a few months of therapy, I got in touch with my ex-wife and told her about my plan. I told her that if she went with me to the casino twice a month and I wouldn’t make large bets, I would be able to control myself. After a lot of persuasion work, she finally agreed to give me another shot and moved back with me. To be honest, the casinos in Dortmund are pretty awesome and my wife was a fan herself, so we thought this could be fun if we do it the right way. And I couldn’t wait until we could prowl the awesome clubs and bars on Martinstrasse together again.

As it turns out, inspired by my team, taught by my therapist and empowered by the love of my life, I managed to turn things around. We now have a child on the way and we could not be happier. We play the spielautomaten together twice per month and that is enough for me. The casino where we go to here in Dortmund is very classy and there’s always some entertainment available. So even if I am not gambling myself, I can stroll around the tables and enjoy myself by watching others going at it. And to think that I couldn’t even play the slot machines if I was not inspired by an amazing football club.