There are two main ways to enjoying playing video games in the privacy of your own computer: game destination sites either offer you the ability to download their games to their computers or play online, without downloading any application locally.


These two options each have their advantages and disadvantages – some people prefer to never download anything to their computer, opting instead to only enjoy streaming music and video, for instance. Therefore, they also prefer not to download games, and would rather play a game within the array of one-click online games.

This system has its disadvantages, as online games may suffer lag and rely on connectivity. This reflects on the user experience and usability. Also, they are not available to you when you are offline or in transit, or even if you are at home during exceptionally stormy weather.

Downloading games to your computer enables you to have the game available to you at all times . Games on your computer do not suffer from lag time and are independent of whimsical weather. When choosing to download, be sure to use a trusted downloading platform such as Upload. When doing so, you are enjoying the platform’s download accelerator and getting a streamlined experience that will not interrupt your gameplay.

Furthermore, upon downloading games, Upload offers you an array of similar games and services that may be of interest to you, so you will get the most of the experience. Your personal taste is being learned in order to only give you offers that would be of benefit to you.

Another main advantage of downloaded games is that they make use of your computer’s features (such as graphic cards) and performance. Even women love casino gaming according to Ericaswalk. If you are a serious gamer and you invest in the computer’s video performance, online games may not prove to be a good match for your need for high-end graphics.

An additional advantage to using platforms such as Upload is in their analytics dashboard. Publishers can keep close watch on what users like and what designs they respond to, and can then tweak and change the installer accordingly: installation options, buttons, fonts and the number of stages in the process.

Of course, Upload’s installers can be customized completely to match the look and feel of the game site, creating a sense of continuity for the visitors. Advertisers using Upload  Analytics can test and find which applications offered garner the most response most among users, and optimize the ads offered to include only relevant applications.