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Out of all the cities and towns I have visited in Germany, Bremen was by far the most relaxing. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the country knows that many of the people who live in the large cities can be a little bit high-strung. But when I traveled there a few weeks ago with a few mates, I knew this place would be different. We are a group of middle-aged men who love to gamble and we decided we should visit a different city every month and see how the casinos are like there.


When the time came to go to Bremen, all of us were really tired because of our jobs and family matters. This is why the mood on the road was a bit gloom and none of us were particularly excited. We didn’t even go to the casino on the first evening, as all of us were far too tired. Instead, we just went to a bar, had some drinks and then called it a night.


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We decided we would use the next morning to make some plans. The rest of the night was particularly quiet, even though our hotel was very close to the center of the city.

Slot Machines Limitations. We spent the next morning at an amazing little restaurant near the Marktplatz. A hotel employee told us that we should totally hang out at the Marktplatz, as it is packed with everything we might need. As it turns out, he was perfectly right, as there were quite a few restaurants, bars and clubs in the area. The modern was perfectly combined with the historic, as there are many old buildings in the area and the architecture is most impressive. We decided that we would use that night to gamble and then we’d hit the Modernes club, which was recommended to us by that same hotel employee.


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The casino we visited was much like the rest of the city, a perfect combination of old and new. In one area you could hear the specific sounds of people winning a jackpot or two at the automatenspiele. Meanwhile, in other areas you could hear only relaxing music that allowed poker players to fully concentrate on their game. I thought it was quite impressive how that casino could satisfy many different types of players, even though it didn’t really have a huge amount of space at its disposal. I guess this is what people mean when they are talking about German efficiency. We had lots of fun that night, and everything went pretty much as expected. I’m definitely going to visit Bremen again when I feel like enjoying a relaxing vacation, but without having to give up on clubs and casinos in the process.