It’s hard being on the road all the time. Due to my job, I always have to fly around the country and try to close contracts with various business partners. The pay is pretty good, but I always felt like I would be much happier if I were able to settle down and just stay in one place. I could never hold a meaningful relationship, as I travel from town to town almost on a weekly basis. I often dreamed that I would one day set aside enough money that I could quit my job and settle down in one place.

That feeling has never been stronger than when I arrived in Darwin, Australia a few months ago. Here I was, in what I saw as a perfect city, and I could only enjoy it for a week. It didn’t take me more than a couple of days to finish my business there, and I spent the rest of the week having a good time. I should probably mention that I stayed over at the Skycity complex. It’s an absolutely amazing hotel and casino complex, with a beach front, lots of pools and amazing rooms. I was having a drink at the hotel’s casino and I met a group of very friendly people.

I joined in on their conversation, as they were talking about buying property in the city. It didn’t take me long to realize I could never afford anything, so I got pretty depressed again. On the next day, I went for a walk around the city, to better see what I would be missing out on. To say that the place is gorgeous would be quite the understatement. As I was walking past a supermarket, I saw these ads for a new scratchies game that had a massive jackpot. I had never played the scratchies in my entire life, but I decided I had nothing to lose.

I bought a few dozen scratch cards, as I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing. It took me quite some time , but as I was verifying them, I actually managed to hit the jackpot. It was unbelievable. Right on my first time buying scratchies, I actually won the biggest prize possible. I wasted no time in quitting my job and I immediately started looking for a nice place in Darwin. With the amount of money I won, I didn’t have to work for the money anymore. I did get lower paying job once I got settled in, but only to get out of the house more. Nowadays, I buy scratchies every week and I will never forget how they completely changed my life.