Being a single mother to three children is the hardest thing I ever had to do. I used to live a very happy life when my husband was still around. He had a great job and I stayed home to take care of the little ones. It wasn’t easy to take care of triplets, but at least we had each other and he helped me whenever he could. But my husband has been dead for over two years, when he got hit by a drunken driver. To say that things have not been the same ever since would be quite the understatement.

When my boys started school, I had to take two jobs just to provide them with the bare minimum. Many of my friends helped me with money, clothes, toys and they even helped me take care of them while I was at work. I was lucky that there are so many generous people in Newcastle, Australia.

Winning Scratch Card Eaten.  At the end of the week, if I still had some money left, I would buy a few scratchies or some lottery tickets. From my point of view, it was the only way we could ever get ourselves out of this horrible situation. It was harder than most of you can possibly imagine, but you have to keep the faith in this kind of situation.

And after almost two years, my faith was finally rewarded. After I bought groceries from the supermarket at the end of the week, I had a bit of money left. I figured that since I was already there, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a few scratch cards. I did exactly that and checked them on the spot, as I never like to wait when I’m playing the scratchies. That was the moment when, after so much time, my luck had finally turned. I managed to win a huge jackpot, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I forgot all about the groceries and ran home to tell my kids the good news.

That night, I took my friends out to Bar 121, my favorite location in Newcastle. They were always with me ever since this whole thing started, so I treated them to a nice dinner, a few drinks and we had lots of fun. In fact, that night in Bar 121 was the most fun I had in all the years since my husband died. I quit one of my jobs the following week and now I get to spend much more time with my children. Also, I don’t have to worry about keeping them fed and buying them all the nice clothes and toys they deserve. I am so happy I kept going and never lost my faith that something good would happen to us.